Kathy Divine is an author and mentor. She spends a fair share of her waking hours either working on a book, magazine issue or mentoring someone so they can achieve the same.

When she’s not having a laugh about writing about herself in the third person, she enjoys nature walks, trips to the beach and chatting with the local neighborhood cats.

Kathy is the author of five books and the founder and editor of Australian Vegans Journal, an independent vegan magazine. Kathy is passionate about creating a kinder world for all beings and assisting people reach their full, amazing potential. Over the years, Kathy has interviewed hundreds of people through her books and via her blog VegansAreCool.com.

She’s a combination of intensely passionate about hoping and striving for a loving, fair world for all beings and finding moments to create a balanced life through comedy and laughing out loud (for real) whenever the chance comes upon her. It’s this balance that enabled her to write and compile five books in five years and still come out smiling at the other end of it. Her unique approach to life and work makes her a popular choice as a mentor as the work gets done in an efficient way whilst emphasizing to clients that it’s as much about enjoying the journey as it is about the results.

Kathy would much rather write about others than about herself, so will probably stop here now and get back to her upcoming book project, which aims to be a celebration of vegan women and the wonderful work they do.

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Less comical bio for those who might prefer it:

Kathy Divine is the author of five vegan books and founder of the magazine Australian Vegans Journal. The concept of ethical vegan leadership as the solution to world peace inspires and drives her work, and she uses publishing as a way to broadcast this vision into the world. Kathy offers one-on-one coaching to first-time authors and is currently developing an online course that will show aspiring authors how they can successfully publish their books.

Kathy’s publishing focus is on promoting vegans who exhibit great leadership, and her coaching focuses on those who have leadership aspirations and potential.

One of her #1 Amazon best-selling books Plant-Powered Women forms the basis for the upcoming conference series she is presenting. Launching in March 2018 in Sydney, the Plant-Powered Women Leadership Conference Series will be a series of one day events where vegan women will speak on various topics of expertise with the aim being to inspire the audience to become ethical vegan leaders in their communities. Check out the details at: www.ppwconference.com

” The dove represents my hopes for a peaceful world and the heart represents my love for all beings, including people, animals and nature. My publications are all centered around these two themes.” – Kathy Divine