The Vegans Are Cool book launch

The Vegans Are Cool book launch

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Hi there!

I am so excited to share my latest news: my second book Vegans Are Cool will be launching soon!

Vegans Are Cool is a collection of writings by members of the global vegan community. The aim of this collaborative project is to showcase the knowledge, creativity and heart of individuals from a diversity of races, cultures and backgrounds. All the contributors have one thing in common: they’re living the healthy, environmentally friendly vegan lifestyle.

There are contributions from Australia, Africa, Asia, America, Europe and New Zealand. Vegan professionals from all around the world including naturopaths, a nutritionist, scientists and veterinarians contributed, as well as vegan athletes, mothers, men, chefs and business owners. Vegan children and teenagers also wrote for the book as well as people that have been vegan their entire life. Issues such as where to get vegan sources of iron, protein and B12 are discussed as well as how to undergo a successful vegan pregnancy. Building muscle and strength via the vegan diet, how to raise your children vegan, and why the vegan diet is great for the environment are other issues discussed in Vegans Are Cool.

Vegans Are Cool is for people who are considering making the switch to the vegan lifestyle as well as for vegans who would like to fill in their knowledge gaps. It is also for people who are simply curious about what living the vegan way is all about and for those who have relatives and friends who are vegan and want to learn more.

The chapters

Chapter 1 – What does ‘being vegan’ actually mean?

Chapter 2 – Let’s chat about health: yes, the vegan diet is healthy!

Chapter 3 – Cruelty-free fashion – because animals don’t need to suffer for you to look chic

Chapter 4 – Raising children on a vegan diet: yes, it’s healthy! Vegan parents and kids have their say

Chapter 5 – Vegan teens: leading the charge towards a more compassionate planet

Chapter 6 – Can athletes thrive on a vegan diet? Yes, they can!

Chapter 7 – A sustainable planet via the vegan diet: vegans are saving the planet!

Chapter 8 – The vegan diet is great for weight loss too!

Chapter 9 – Vegan compassion: being the voice for animals

Chapter 10 – Mouth-watering vegan recipes from around the globe

For more information about the book, please see

To celebrate the launch of Vegans Are Cool, we will be having a vegantastic party!

There will be a delicious collection of vegan yummies to sample – from cupcakes to savoury delights – you will be in vegan foodie heaven!

This is a no-alcohol, family friendly event. All ages are welcome to attend!

One of the aims of the event is to introduce non-vegans to the variety and tastiness of vegan cuisine. Please, please, please bring your non-vegan friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and significant others to enjoy the night with you and discover how cool the vegan lifestyle truly is.

The first 100 people to arrive receive a gift bag full of goodies that have been graciously provided by numerous vegan businesses.

There will also be lucky door prizes such as $100 worth of vegan cosmetics by Amina ( Little gifts will be on offer to take home to your canine friend courtesy of Vegepooch ( Vegan Pet (

Vegans Are Cool was written by 63 vegans from around the world. Several of these beautiful people will be present at the party and available to sign copies of the book. Vegans Are Cool will be available to purchase on the night for $19.95.

To find out more about the book, please visit

Please feel free to forward this invitation to your friends.

Where: Redfern Community Centre – 29 Hugo St Redfern NSW 2016 (Sydney, Australia). Redfern Community Centre is a 2 minute walk from Redfern train station. Free on-street parking is available near the venue.

When: Friday 9th December 2011, 6pm – 9pm

Please RSVP by emailing so we can ensure there is plenty of food for everyone.

The event is also on Facebook – you can RSVP there and check out who else is attending.

You don’t need to get there exactly at 6pm, it is a casual party, so please feel free to drop by at any time between 6pm and 9pm.

If you are a vegan business and would like to have a presence at the party (by contributing to the gift bags, contributing food samples or a lucky door prize) please contact me via

Look forward to seeing you there!

All the very best,

Kathy Divine x

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