Kathy’s mentoring service for first-time authors

“I find out your motivations and goals about your book and advise you accordingly. We go through the pros and cons of traditional vs independent publishing and what options exist for independent publishing and how to go about it. I will give you a straight forward, honest appraisal of your book idea/manuscript and which options will best suit your project.

I will give you a realistic run down about what it takes to get into independent publishing and step-by-step guidance about how to do it in the most efficient, cost-effective, easiest way possible. I’ll share with you my printing contacts both in Australia and overseas and any other contacts I feel will benefit your book and your publishing career. We will discuss the importance of building your ‘author platform’ and how to go about it before your book launches.”

 You will receive a clear vision and understanding around what you need to do, and in what order, to get your project started and completed, in a way that suits your book and your goals.

The following are some of the topics Kathy can address during a first-time author consult with you:

  • Traditional vs independent publishing
  • The Author platform – what is it, why you need one, how to create it and start building it.
  • Personal branding and online etiquette
  • Layout, printing and distribution ( relevant to indie authors)
  • Goals and planning – time management for busy people. How to complete your book project on time and how to overcome procrastination (if relevant).
  • Setting up a timeline to incorporate all of the above elements. The entire publishing process will be broken down into easy, doable steps for you to follow according to your individualised circumstances and lifestyle and a check list of items to complete before publishing
  • Enjoying the journey: self care and keeping balanced throughout the process
  • Your questions answered
  • These consults saves many authors thousands of dollars. There are numerous companies taking lots of money from people to publish their books and it’s just not necessary. There’s affordable way to publish and Kathy can show you how.

Additional items for discussion in follow-up consults can include:

  • How to secure a #1 ranking in your category (Kathy has had two books achieve #1 Amazon rankings across 4 categories, so that’s 4 x #1 Amazon best-sellers)
  • Choosing the right categories on for success
  • How to get your book into physical book stores (for indie authors)
  • Collaborating with other authors for combined success
  • Getting celebrity endorsements for your book

All sessions are done over Skype or phone. Phone calls can be made to Australia, UK, USA and selected other countries. You are welcome to audio record all consults.

Please send a brief email if you are interested in booking a consult with a bit about yourself, your book, your publishing goals and your budget. Kathy has several options to suit most budgets.

Other types of mentoring are available including general life mentoring, personal branding and overcoming procrastination to complete your creative project. Please email all inquiries to:

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