Mentoring services for ethical influencers and big impact makers

Why choose me?

I combine my business knowledge with my industry experience gained from publishing five books and founding an independent magazine title with a spiritual foundation (from 20 years of meditation practice). You get practical knowledge about how to independently publish, motivational coaching and encouragement to reach your goals and spiritual perspectives around staying grounded and true to yourself throughout the entire process.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Commerce

Degree level study in psychology (1.5 years).

Who do I work with?

I suit mentoring highly motivated people with a positive outlook on life and a strong drive to leave a powerful impact on the world. My prime focus is working with ethical influencers; people who have the goal of making a big positive impact on the world. I reserve all of my mentoring consultations hours for them alone.

Services offered

  • Mentoring first-time authors. I find out your motivations and goals about your book and advise you accordingly. We go through the pros and cons of traditional vs independent publishing and what options exist for independent publishing and how to go about it. I will give you a straight forward, honest appraisal of your book idea/manuscript and which options will best suit your project. I will give you a realistic rundown about what it takes to get into independent publishing and step-by-step guidance about how to do it in the most efficient, cost-effective, easiest way possible. I’ll share with you my printing contacts both in Australia and overseas and any other contacts I feel will benefit your book and your publishing career. We will discuss the importance of building your ‘author platform’ and how to go about it before your book launches.
  • Life mentoring. My specialities are goal setting and goal achieving. I will motivate and guide you to achieve your goals. I have decades of experience in juggling my own chronic illnesses and still finding a way to achieve my goals. I can help you navigate any obstacles in your path and find solutions that suit you and your lifestyle.
  • Personal branding. To achieve our goals, we all need to represent ourselves in the best way possible. There is a way to approach personal branding without selling out and becoming generic. I can guide you towards discovering the best version of you and how to present that to the public in order to attract the audience that resonates with who you really are and your message. Become comfortable in being your unique self and allow yourself shine. That’s the first step.

Payment scale

  • You pay according to your affordability.
  • Please pay between $30-$80 per hour
  • Consults can be booked for either a ½ hour session or a 1 hour session
  • All sessions are done over Skype or phone calls. I can call you on any phone in Australia, UK, USA and selected other countries. If you would like an in-person session, please email to inquire. Rates will differ and will be subject to location (I am based in the lower Blue Mountains, near Sydney and able to travel to some extent).
  • Payment must be made at least one day before the booked session. Invoices for tax purposes are available on request after payment has been made. Payment is via Paypal or bank transfer.
  • My level of service is the same regardless of the fee you decide to pay. I want to give everyone, regardless of current financial circumstance, the opportunity to reach their goals and become the ethical leader they were destined to be.
  • Please send a brief email if you are interested in my services with a bit about yourself and your goals and I will get back to you about whether I feel I am the right mentor for you or not. Email:
  • You are welcome to audio record our sessions together.

You will get a badge for your website and/or social media page:

Mentored by Kathy Divine


If you have any questions, please get in touch. This is a basic overview of what I offer. I can certainly cater to special needs and specific requirements.

Look forward to connecting with you! Thanks for reading!