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What others are saying about Forever 21:

Hooray for vegans! We look younger, we are healthier, we live longer, we boycott animal cruelty, and we slow climate change. Bravo Kathy for spreading the good word!”

Lisa Bloom

Lawyer and media personality, legal analyst for CBS news and CNN.

“I finished your book tonight and absolutely loved it!  It was so informative, easy to read and I finished reading it feeling very uplifted, full of joy for life and inspired to enjoy each day and love myself fully.  Thank you!”

Amanda Rootsey

Founder of Shine From Within

“A wonderful and inspiring story from someone who has been through so much yet emerged the stronger for it. She fearlessly tells the truth about what it takes to achieve good health.”

Mark Berriman

Editor, Natural Health and Vegetarian Life magazine

President, Australian Vegetarian Society (NSW)

“Vegans are cool and this book showcases some of the movements coolest. It is filled with everyday people doing extraordinary things to transform themselves, society and the planet. This book highlights the joy and enthusiasm that comes from making simple but powerful connections about how the way we live affects not only us, but also everything around us.

Whether you are considering going vegan and need more confirmation about the benefits of doing so or are a long-term vegan wanting to get the message out there this book will leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and ready to do more.”

Heidi Merika BHSc-Nat.  Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

Founder Conscious Nutrition


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