Forever 21

Forever 21 is the empowering guide to reclaiming your youth, beauty, health, happiness and spirituality. The eight Forever 21 Principles give you the tools you need to create a happier and healthier you!

If you are ready to reclaim your power and reach your full potential on every level, this is the book for you!

After being repeatedly told for many years that she looks younger than her age, the author of Forever 21, decided to document her lifestyle tips for maintaining a youthful look.

Part one of the book elaborates on these secrets of youth, with an explanation of the eight Forever 21 Principles.

Part two is a collection of interviews she did with health experts and elite athletes who are focused on empowering people to reach their full potential in all aspects of life. Check out the list!

Buy your very own copy and share with friends! Spread the love and help your family, friends, neighbours, animal co-inhabitants and the planet.

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Here is a sneak peak of Forever 21 with a collection of my favourite quotes:

Part 1, Chapter 2.

“Whatever is inside our bodies is eventually brought forth. If we eat a pure diet and think positive and loving thoughts, our whole being will radiate and we will appear beautiful to all of those around us.

“If, however, we ingest toxic food such as meat products and think negative thoughts, the effect of these actions will start to show and no amount of make up and botox will cover them up. Eventually disease either of the physical, emotional or mental will come to us.

“Meat and dairy consumption is known to be the cause of a big long nasty list of diseases, yet these very industries are actually subsidised by many governments around the world. Ridiculous, but true.” pg. 40

“Everything about being vegan makes sense – whether you look at it from the perspective of wanting to look more beautiful and having a healthier body or whether you look at it from a macro economic perspective or from an ethical and humanitarian perspective or from a compassion for animals standpoint. From all levels and for all reasons, the vegan diet brings benefits to human beings and eliminates problems and suffering.

“Questioning the status quo is the only way the human race can progress. We need to be questioning, researching and thinking for ourselves so that we can reclaim our power, in all aspects of our daily lives.

“Being confident in our own intuition and feelings will start us on the path of empowering our own lives towards initiating positive and healthy changes.” p.41-42

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