Forever 21 buying day to support Animals Australia

Dear compassionate friends,

Inspired by the great work of Animals Australia, particularly with their very successful recent campaign to ban live exports, I am excited to announce the “Forever 21 buying day to support Animals Australia”. Witnessing the great response by the Australian people to the footage Animals Australia took showing the cruelty of the live export business, I got excited by the possibility that the great compassion that is within all of us is being awakened in many Australian people.

Forever 21 is all about reaching our full potential on all levels and being true to ourselves. We all know deep down that cruelty towards animals is wrong. Forever 21 encourages people to return to their compassionate nature by adopting the vegan diet. This Australian book contains interviews by vegan experts in the fields of health, wellness and fitness which aim to inspire and encourage people to adopt the life-saving vegan diet.

The goal of writing the book was to inspire people to lead happy and healthy lives. True happiness comes when we are living fully authentic lives with peace in our hearts and minds. When there is no more cruelty towards animals, a peaceful world for all is within reach.

The time is ripe for Australians and indeed all world citizens to adopt compassionate and fulfilling choices, respectful of ourselves, our environment and all life on Earth, which is the way of life embodied by the vegan lifestyle. Go vegan – you are going to love the feeling!

To support Animals Australia in their life-saving work, 50% of the profits of all copies of Forever 21 sold during June and July will be given to Animals Australia. The official buying day will be 24 June 2011.

Forever 21 is available from, and and most other online bookstores. Fishpond and Book Depository are currently offering free shipping. Below are the direct links:


Book Depository:—The-Empowering-Guide-to-Reclaiming-Your-Youth-Beauty-Health-Happiness-and-Spirituality


For more information about Forever 21 see

Wishing you the very best in health and happiness today and forever after,

Your fellow Aussie,

Kathy Divine. x

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