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I’m an Australian independent publisher. My passion is sharing the benefits of the vegan lifestyle with as many people as I can.

My latest project is Australian Vegans Journal. Please click here to read our first volume (it’s free).

I am the founder of Australian Vegans: a publishing imprint focused on vegan-themed books. If you are interested in Australian Vegans publishing your book, please contact me.

In addition to writing and compiling books, I run an interview-based blog www.vegansarecool.com.

For the list of my published books, click here

hometown: Sydney, Australia.

hopes and dreams:¬†hope to spread the message of compassion for animals as widely as possible. I hope to help people empower themselves towards making better decisions about their health and lifestyle choices. I’m dreaming about a peaceful planet for all beings. Together we can make it! ūüôā

inspired by: my spiritual teacher Supreme Master Ching Hai; people working towards world peace and ending suffering in all its forms;  people who overcome obstacles to achieve amazing things.

excited about: publishing vegan-themed books. Looking forward to translating them into different languages so they can reach all corners of the globe.

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