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Kathy Divine is a #1 Best-Selling Author in two categories on Amazon for Plant-Powered Men and Plant-Powered Women


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The following is an introduction to Kathy Divine’s books: they all aim to showcase the enormous benefits of the vegan lifestyle in an informative, factual and approachable way.


1. Vegans Are Cool: A Delicious Collection of Essays, Interviews and Articles by Cool Vegans from Around the Planet is the A-Z guide to going vegan and staying vegan for life. In Vegans Are Cool you will find comprehensive information about vegan nutrition; tips on raising children vegan; advice from vegan athletes; interviews with vegan parents and teenagers; and essays by vegan naturopaths.

ISBN: 978-1491292013

Published: 1st edition, 2011; 2nd edition, 2013

Publisher: Createspace

Pages: 226

Size: 7.9 x 4.9 x 0.5 inches, paperback

R.R.P: $24.95

Available from Book DepositoryAmazon and all other major online bookstores.

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2. Plant-powered Men: Inspirational Men Share Their Secrets of Optimal Health and Boundless Energy is a collection of writings by 38 vegan men from around the globe. This book is for anyone who wants to increase their strength, endurance, performance and energy. If you are interested in getting the edge in fitness training and competition or simply having greater health and energy to enjoy life, Plant-powered Men will inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals and highest potential. This book is written by men for men. It is full of examples of strong, healthy men who are absolutely thriving on a plant-powered diet, the way nature intended. Plant-powered Men includes recipes, fitness tips, nutrition information and practical ways to transition to a plant-powered diet. It is also motivational in nature and the perfect book for someone who is curious about getting into the plant-powered way of life. This book will give you the confidence to take the next step and make a successful transition.

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ISBN: 978-1484871508

Published: 2013

Publisher: Createspace

Pages: 200

Size: 8 x 5 x 0.5 inchespaperback

R.R.P: $24.95

Available from Book DepositoryAmazon and all other major online bookstores.

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3. Plant-Powered Women: Pioneering Female Vegan Leaders Share Their Vision for a Healthier, Greener, More Compassionate World is my latest book. Plant-powered Women is a collection of powerful and inspiring interviews and essays from thirty pioneering vegan women from around the world.

Women with compassion. Women who love animals. Women who respect their bodies and cherish their health and wellbeing. Women who are pioneering and blazing a trail to create a kinder, sustainable and just world for all. Meet Plant-Powered Women. In these pages, you will connect with women from across the globe who are thriving on a plant-powered (vegan) diet and lifestyle. Be inspired by their powerful, encouraging and supportive words and their depth of experience living a healthy and compassionate life. Their strength will become your strength. These women are your mentors for embarking on a new path that goes way beyond food choices. They will take you on unforgettable journeys with them and leave you ready and equipped to go forth and experience a new way of seeing and being in the world. The inspiring contributors to this book include plant-powered health professionals, athletes, a chef, the CEO of The Vegan Society, media pioneers and journalists, animal sanctuary founders as well as women who have revitalised their health by embarking on the vegan lifestyle. If you are ready to take your health to the next level and tread more lightly on the planet, Plant-Powered Women will inspire you to take those life-changing steps. Plant-Powered Women: Happier, Healthier, Stronger

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ISBN: 978-1499732276

Published: 2014

Publisher: Createspace

Pages: 190

Size: 8 x 5 x 0.4 inches,paperback

R.R.P: $24.95

Available from Book DepositoryAmazon and all other major online bookstores.



4. Everyday Vegans — a collection of photos and interviews with vegans from around the globe. Buy here

Forever 21 cover

5. Forever 21: The Empowering Guide to Reclaiming Your Youth, Beauty, Health, Happiness and Spirituality is the first book Kathy published. Forever 21 gives you essential information about how to live a carefree and happy life. Based on eight principles I’ve followed my entire adult life, this book gives you the guidance you need in order to live a truly sweet and beautiful existence while on Earth. It also contains interviews I did with many amazing and inspiring people who share their knowledge about how to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle whilst also saving the lives of animals in the process. Doctors, scientists, naturopaths and athletes have come together in the one book to contribute their expertise for those interested in pursuing the ‘Forever 21’ lifestyle.

ISBN: 978-1921787294

Published: 2011

Publisher: Vivid Publishing

Pages: 218

Size: 7.9 x 4.9 x 0.5 inches, paperback

R.R.P: $24.95

Currently unavailable. Working on updates/2nd edition.

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